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Even japan knows the power of smug!

Having noted that when indentured into any major belief system, cult or church, the practitioners hold themselves with a slightly smug, hollier than thou demeaner.

We here at the CHurch Of Applied Psyonetiks have increased the level of smug feeling in our Operands by a factor of 300. When we say that Psyonetiks is the only path to True SMUG, ++SMUG and S+SMUG we mean it. You will not find a smuger body of 'people' upon this level of the grid. Why are we so smug? That's because we know something you don't, and we ain't telling. . .

Don't be fooled by any of the inferior paths to enlightend smug, such as Scientology, Mormonism, Christianity, Islam, Muslim, Taoism, Budhism, Maoism and all the rest. Only Psyonetiks teaches you the path to TRUE SMUG.