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Frequently Augmented Awnsers

Yes, now our F.A.Q is an F.A.A!

To help seekers of truth, we have compiled a list of our most frequently augmented awnsers. To aid you in your quest for enlightenment we have chose not to supply you with the questions, only the awnsers, as you being the querent, already know the question you wish to ask, and our needless repetition of this here would only render the point tragicly moot.

So, ponder your point and pick an awnser.

For anything you think of that cannot be covered by any of the revealed truths stated here, please contact Dr. Heracy on uk_matsui {at} yahoo.com

[A] Not as you define it, no. The tennents of Psyonetiks as stated in 'Psyonetiks a NEO Induction' refer to a Geostationary Orbital Device, which can as such be held to represent a Psyonetik Analogue of this concept.

[A]Psyonetiks is a carbon neutral organisation.

[A]As Psyonetiks holds the principal that STARK reality is in fact totaly different and none inclusive to that which is taken as norm to be concensus, in the face of this all political and sociological arguments are rendered impotent and uselsess. Therefore PSYON INC. and The CHurch Of Applied Psyonetiks holds no ties to any political belief system or parties.

[A]Yes, in actuality it is a perception re-routed through a projection, and the program has been run many times before. That's why some people experience de-ja-view.

[A] As of 01.01.07, CHOAP INC. are now the proud new owners of one slightly soiled class M Grid in sector a-12. After a pitch fought infiltration, hardcore Gorilla (and Bonnobo) warfare, countless mind probes and a searing nuclear holocaust, Earthfarm #2 in Grid Beta II is now ours.

All Your Alternate Earth Are Belong To Us!

Soon, we shall extend our reign of terror into this local level of The Grid, but due to the difficulties our Psyonetik Operands had converting the smoking piles of nuclear grease that used to be the inhabitants of Earthfarm #2, to The Way Of The Psyon we feel that we must take a more subtle tact in this level of the Grid.

[A] Send Money Now !!!!!

[A] Yes, Dr. Heracy is real.

[A] 10/11/2012, round about teatime-ish GMT.

[A] No, as stated elsewhere on this site, The CHurch Of Applied Psyonetiks is not, never has been and never will be a 'suicide cult'. We may be a Brainwashing Amoral Money Grabbing Doomsday Cult, but 'suicide cult' we are not. As research has shown, it is incredibly difficult to get a dead person to SEND MONEY NOW!!! without the use of rare Hatian herbs, fish livers, and grade four Voodoo, and in any case that would make us a Brainwashing Amoral Money Grabbing Doomsday Suicide Zombie Cult and that won't fit on the tee shirts.

[A] At this time, no, but there is a podcast planned in the future.

[A] Yes, we are the only one true one.

[A] Yes, it was stated by Dr. Heracy that "Psyonetiks can stop Heroin use and addiction in under twenty four hours", and much was made of this in certain forums of our rivals and used to our detriment. What was not mentioned in most reports of this incident, however, was the full context in which Dr. Heracy made the statement:

"Using only the awesome power of Psyonetiks Advanced Applied Science and a common household cricket bat, Psyonetiks can stop Heroin use and addiction in under twenty four hours. However there is a nintey nine percent chance of death-by-cricket-bat occuring during the first twelve hours of 'the treatment' with a one percent margin of error."

We hope this clears things up.

[A] Yes, we do know something YOU don't know.

[A] The Bavarian Illuminati, The Billdenburger Group, The NWO, The Freemasons, The Shriners, The Barbra Moel Foundation, The Mothers Union, The Meatpackers Union, W*lm*rt, MC'D*n*lds, The CoN, Opus Dei, Shair Khan, Amir Amaj, Haid, Limbo, The City Of Dis & The Altarian Lizard Collective (Yes, thats All Your Child Eating Shape Shifting Lizard Men From Beyond Altair Are Belong To Us . . . Just dont tell Mr. Icke.)

[A] We are as yet undecided on the method. Several meetings have been held with top Psyonetik Researchers and the following scenarios have been selected as having a high likleyhood of being held =TRUE.

Zombie Apocalypse, Atomic Horror, rampaging Giant Robots, Alien Invasion and Pole Shift are the current top five. This is by no means a difinitive list, and it should be remembered that it may be by a combination of all five events i.e 'Atomic Horror' causing a 'Zombie Apocalypse' during an 'Alien Invasion' or a 'Pole Shift' caused by 'Rampaging Giant Roots'.

What is known as definite is that these events will be herralded by the coming of 'The Happy Bunny' in the east.

[A] Paper.

[A]England, Continental Europe, and six states of America.

[A] Yes, in 2005 - 2006 The Church Of Applied Psyonetiks did offer a membership card, however due to manufacturing dificulties these have been put on momentary hiatus, whilst we are in talks with various profesional manufacturers.

[A]Yes, the rumors are true, Dr. Heracy is writing a new book. It entitled "Plan 23 For 2012: Psyonetiks Redux"