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Under normal circumstances the Archetype Philosopher has been isolated from the subject of his/her writings, and therefore his output has been muted by this very fact. To know of life, sometimes you have to jump in the gutter and have a slap fight with the whores; To know of this reality, you have to be part of this reality, you must get in it and interact, poke into the corners of the levels, interact with every type of person you can fund to hold discourse with, and basically BE, before you can establish the archetype nature of being.

Essentially, our research has shown that man, regardless of when, where or who, is essentially a being in search of a Higher Reality Stage than his own, who is degraded to an earlier Level, and I concluded that in most cases, he needs a way to regain his lost proportion of the grid; a leg up, so to speak.

In 1998 I and some close colleagues started an investigation to determine the Base Dynamic of so called 'Existence', and to present this datum in a form which is then reaplyable to others, so as to further reductify the base problems of humankind. After an arduous study into ancient and modern philosophy, which ended in 2002 with our Primary Base of Humanity (PBoh). At that time it was felt that this law may be a result of a 'self available resolution' scenario, so work was undertaken to establish the PBoh as True or Untrue.

The first such result ended in that the base PBoH of HUmankind is "Survive=True". No matter what else a human may be up to, weather he be past present or future, primitive, wealthy or Neo, "Survive=True" holds. We did not like this datum, and tried our hardest to Nullify its Credentials. We inserted Love, Honesty, Ideals, Kittens and Flowers into the equation, but they were reductified by "Survive=True". Although hit may seem like it with the statement of "Survive=True" 'Survival' is not a digital state, in Causality it is an Analogue.

Our main aims are simple: to wit:

* To atain Total Belief Grid Domination
* To help you achive total SMUG
* To pierce the veil of D3 illusion that is commonly known as 'reality'
* To brainwash and propagate
* To enlighten you both financialy and spirtualy
* To spread the WORD of Dr. L Jon Heracy
* To crush our rivals under our boot heels
* To keep kittens fluffy

Our overall goal is far more complex, and [**YOU ARE NOT CLEARED FOR THIS INFORMATION**].