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The purpose of Psyonetiks is to help enlighten and refit the minds and wallets of the entities here on Earth and to bring about an Imanentisation of a New Echalon in Human understanding. This may sound a heady goal to achieve, but deep down inside I think thats your goal too, and thats why you are reading this website.

Psyonetiks, when correctly applied, has a broader scope than any previous Eastern, Western, Southern or Neo religion ever has. It should be understood by the reader that process of Psyonetiks as we practice today, was already known and lost to mankind, hundreds of thousands of years ago. What we are doing with this datum is NEO & Hyper Spatialised.

The basic applied sciences for bringing about a Neo Epoch in mans enlightenment are new, but the basic hope of humankind, as it appears here in Psyonetiks is thousands of years old.

Some of you may be shocked that I am referring to Psyonetiks as a religion, but when we call Psyonetiks a religion we will it thus, from a far deeper, more primal place than only the last three thousand years. It is a knowledge of twenty three thousand years of soul searching in Asian, Western & Northern civilization.

Psyonetiks stands as a whole before you, with some of the most esoteric traditions of mankind, hidden philosophical discourse from the most revered traditions of men, with an Applied Science of tremendous raw power and length which treats the Soul and Container of mankind and shows a path to greater freedom.

Some of the traditions consulted during the R&D of Psyonetiks include the Veda, the Tao, the thought map of Sidharta Gottama Buddha, Neo Pagan Psy Grids, collected Christian readings, the aincient wisdom of the Greeks and Romans, the collected writings of all of the finer philosophical figures such as Dewy, Kant, Nietzche, Stang, Wilson, Ravenhurst and Baily; indeed Psyonetiks is a re mapping of all the agreed 'realitys' that are held to be true by all men in ALL times, and a concerned effort to develop new Applied Sciences which can demonstrate the existence of Neo Phenomena which are usefull in creating enhanced states of being thought of as more desirable by humankind.

The CHurch Of Applied Psyonetiks is the fastest growing Amoral Mind Controling Cult in all of Europe with Doctors Of Psyonetiks in places as far afield as The United States Of America. When compaired to many of our rivals, Psyonetiks Brand MEME infiltration complex and brainwashing routines operate twenty three percent cleaner. Unlike some others, The CHurch Of Applied Psyonetiks is not a 'suicide cult' as Dr. Heracy and The Board Of Directors, after much discussion, vetoed the suicide proposal on the grounds of 'Corpsum Non Fiscalato Redux'.

Psyonetiks is the only One True Religeon, and the only hope you have to secure your Soul & Container against the coming horror of the 2012 'incident'. Don't waste time SEND MONEY NOW!!!!!

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Please read our F.A.Q or contact Dr. Heracy on uk_matsui {at} yahoo.com